Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Legends of Oz soundtrack review

Legends of Oz: Music from the Motion Picture, is a soundtrack that is almost as enjoyable as the movie, even if some of the songs don’t hold up as standalone music apart from the movie.

Lea Michele gives a better vocal performance on songs more suited to her than a lot of what she recorded for her debut album, Louder. Maybe this is because show tunes are her natural habitat. She is good at blending her powerful voice into a character, and you truly hear Dorothy singing instead of Lea Michele (or Rachel Berry for that matter).

Her two solos, “When the World” and “One Day” are the standouts and worth buying the CD for alone. “Even Then” completely sneaks up on the listener as a surprisingly mature love song, while it could be looked at as a song of empowerment as well. “China Princess” is notable for Megan Hilty’s vocal stylings, and for the surprisingly smoothness that is Hugh Dancy’s voice. Hopefully he sings more in the future, as it is a shame he doesn’t get more opportunity to do so here.

The fault of the soundtrack are the Jester songs by Martin Short. Without the visuals and context of the movie, they fall flat and don’t scream out as a track that would be seeked out to listen to again on purpose.
The score is whimsical and fun, and elements of it bring to mind Beauty and the Beast.

I always say the strength of good songs written for movies are that they would be applicable to someone just listening to them as good music apart from a soundtrack, and Legends of Oz has several of those: “When the World”, “Even Then”, and “One Day”. The rest can be fun for the car or long trips.

Grade: A-

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